Hydro One Picola

Luxury & smart modern Pergola system with motorised roof blinds that elevate outdoor living experience.

The Hydro One Picola is the epitome of grandeur every home would covet for. With its exquisite design and cutting edge technology, Hydro One Picola is a place where the magic happens as drops of spring sun and orange sunset cascade through its sturdy
aluminium blades to create a warm and beautiful atmosphere. Introduce to your home or commercial restaurant, it will introduce our guests to its welcoming space serving as a tranquil place to engage in lively conversation or have a premier meal,
Truly, Hydro One Picola is the pinnacle in contemporary outdoor living and spells utmost majesty in anyway.

What Makes Our Product Different

Hydro One Picola consists of an outdoor roof structure that is completely made of aluminium. Designed and manufactured to form an intelligent open roof system. The “intelligence” in its roof system is by virtue of the flexibility of the aluminium blades which offers zero limitation in their direction of folding and unfolding, allowing you to be in control of the amount of sunlight penetration or shielding yourself from harsh and unfavourable weather conditions.

Motorised Roof

Additional Intelligent Features

Vinyl Motorized Blinds
Hydro One Picola can be further incorporated with motorized blinds which are completely waterproof, owing to its quality vinyl material. This augments your outdoor living experience by eliminating hindrances to your comforts such as rain and prevailing winds. Now your pergola can transform an outdoor area into an indoor ambience with the aid of motorized blinds.


LED Light

Hydro One Picola can be complemented by enlivening LED light which extends enjoyment under your pergola beyond the time of unset.


Wind & Rain Sensor

Hydro One Picola doesn’t just end here. It offers a state of the art wind & rain sensor which alerts you on prevailing winds and humidity increases before a heavy downpour. The blades work collectively with the sensor and respond accordingly to wind and rain signals to ensure everlasting comfort of its users.


Configure Your Design

Hydro One Picola has unlimited configuration to complement any home.

Configuration 2

Technical Specifications

The aluminum used in the Hydro One Picola has been administered with preventive treatment with PVDF coated on its surface, powder coating further increases the protective layer of aluminum. The product comes with a 10 years warranty.


Customise your preferred colour

The product can be custom made with any color of your choice.


Hydro One Picola's Accessories

The array of furniture accessories features Ratan, to diffuse that rare woodland forest vibe into any urban home, and the modish Aluminum & wood, an ideal companion for your Pergola


Hydro One Cascada

Hydro One Cascada is a remarkable landscape wonder that had its genesis and inspiration from the renowned waterfalls around the world. This water feature that is made of fiberglass will elevate your garden ambiance and resonate to that magnificent creation mother nature has offered, delivers the
soothing and radiant beauty of the natural waterfalls converged, recreating a peaceful aura from the rejuvenating water splash & ripple round that one will always embrace.

Now you can enjoy the nature of cascading waterfalls, Hydro One Cascada has redefined water features crafted t blend in perfect symphony with your home with different design from modern contemporary to classic.

Why choose Hydro One Cascada

Designed to be durable and easy to maintain. It is made from non-toxic marine grade fiberglass material imported from Australia. It comes with self-operational system of pump and mood lighting. The product is meant to build to last with

  • 10 years warranty against leakage on structure
  • 2 years warranty for system

Mood Light

Original Design

Hydro One Cascada is a piece of artwork originally designed & developed together with the joint effort from an insightful & experienced landscape architect in Malaysia who has been uniquely crafted his creation to blend well into our local architectural concept & styling of Malaysian property.

Hydro One Cascada Design

Within the range of Hydro One Cascada Water Features, there are total 6 different designs of model that is styled in the concept of modern contemporary, Balinese and ZEN. All uniquely designed to ignite that breathtaking outdoor landscape vibe of nature.

Hydro One Cascada Accessories

We further complete and improve your garden atmosphere with a series of minimalistic Cascada accessories ranging from majestic pergolas, artistic garden furniture and skillfully picked softscape.

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