Solarwave Solar Water Heater

Solarwave Solar Water Heater is created from intense research, design and testing. Multiple prototypes were created and tested before the commercialization in Malaysia since year 2008. Solarwave Solar Water Heater uses the Evacuated Tube and Heat Pipe technology to adeptly harness the power of the sun and provide you with quick, consistent and continuous supply of hot water. It enhances the basic criteria of solar heater in heat absorption, heat preservation & product durability. In short, embodied within its design are efficiency and sustainability, which are the pre-requisites for contemporary home living. With Solarwave, the Heat Is On, Always...!

The Solar Collector Technology
Wider Angel Exposure For Better Solar Absorption
Non-Pressurised Hot Water Storage Tank For Longer Life Span
Designed For Greater Heat Preservation
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Working Mechanism Of Solarwave
Models We Have
Quality Assurance