Hydro One Picola

Luxury & smart modern Pergola system with motorised roof blinds that elevate outdoor living experience.

The Hydro One Picola is the epitome of grandeur every home would covet for. With its exquisite design and cutting edge technology, Hydro One Picola is a place where the magic happens as drops of spring sun and orange sunset cascade through its sturdy
aluminium blades to create a warm and beautiful atmosphere. Introduce to your home or commercial restaurant, it will introduce our guests to its welcoming space serving as a tranquil place to engage in lively conversation or have a premier meal,
Truly, Hydro One Picola is the pinnacle in contemporary outdoor living and spells utmost majesty in anyway.

What Makes Our Product Different
Additional Intelligent Features
LED Light
Wind & Rain Sensor
Configure Your Design
Technical Specifications
Customise your preferred colour
Hydro One Picola's Accessories