Hydro One Hot Spa

Hydro One Hot Spa & Jacuzzi has been carefully designed for everyone in Malaysia whether it is for pure indulgence, family time, party time, Hydrotherapy or simply relaxation. Our design integrates well with your home, garden and terraces. It is possible now to find a Hot Spa that fit for your home or commercial outlets, both indoor or outdoor condition.

Why Choose Hydro One Hot Spa?


Hydro One Hot Spa is built with high quality materials & workmanship in Australia and features a complete self-sustaining operation system with built-in water filter, sanitation system, heater, underwater lights, spa pumps & control panel.

By combining an easy access water filter system that features to 200 sq.ft filter area of cartridge filter with the most advanced Ozone Generators, Hydro One Hot Spa delivers the highly efficient water purification system to reduces the amount of chemicals required to sanitise your spa whilst still providing clean & hygiene water for your spa.

With the built-in Titanium Heater, you can adjust your preferred hot spa water temperature with precise reading shown in the control panel. The Titanium Heater is the most corrosive resistant material available with non-magnetic properties that will not cause scaling and corrode in long term.

Hydro One Hot Spa are exclusively manufactured in Australia by using only superior quality Acrylic to withstand the harsh outdoor condition of tropical climate. It is rigorously computer tested for safety compliance and is awarded with ISO9000:2001 and CE certification. Its weatherproof cabinet are also maintenance free and UV resistant that will not fade or split and no staining is required.

Hydro One Hot Spa comes with 10 Years structural warranty against leakage and 2 years Warranty on shell surface, cabinet and all built-in equipment.

An exclusive Spa Retreat is ready in your own backyard… with the Touch of Relaxation!

20 Years Of Experience

The production of Hydro One Hot Spa has been outsourced to pioneer manufacturer in Australia with over 20 years of experience in spa & jacuzzi industry. From raw material to a single tiny component, we have gone through a detailed selection by using only high quality source from the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.


Easy Care Maintenance


Hydro One Hot Spa can be kept in optimal condition in as little as five minutes per week, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your weekend. Water testing has never been easier. Simply clean the cartridge filter system, check the spa water chemistry condition and other user friendly instructions, your hot spa will always be sparkling clean and hygiene. Comes with a convertible & insulated hard cover, your Hydro One Hot Spa is always ready for your next dip even with water remain within for months.

Elements Of Enjoyment


Packed with premium selection of innovative jet technology, mood lighting and other optional upgrades of Integrated Spa Stereo System, Hydro One Hot Spa is designed for those who want to surround themselves with high quality comfort. All the spas are fitted with Hydrotherapy jets that deliver the perfect massage treatment and hi-end features, adding that extra touch of class & comfort.

Innovative Jet Technology


Each and every jet has been carefully designed in the right position that generates different effect either for simple bath or full hydrotherapy effect. These jets are adjustable either in type of swirl, directional, air injection or pulsating massage jets. Simply turn the jet clockwise/anticlockwise to adjust water flow on/off through the jet. Some of the jets combined up to 15 micro nozzles together and is specially designed to massage a large body area while other jets is a high flow type allowing a large amount of water to pass through to creates a turbulent action in the spa.

Mood Lighting


Underwater Mood Lighting in type of low energy consumption 12V LED Underwater Lights allows your spa to sparkle with a rich spectrum of inviting colours, creating a spectacular lighting effect, adding ambiance and style to your spa. The Mood Lighting uses advanced colour light programming technology which help the mind and body find their natural balance at a physical, mental and emotional level.

Integrated Spa Stereo System


For an enhanced spa experience, you have the option to incorporate our Spa Stereo System that enable you to listen your favourite music whilst relaxing in the spa with the Bluetooth Wireless connection. This fully integrated stereo system is compact and water resistant has been designed specifically for the spa environment and comes complete with pop up speakers, a sub woofer and built in Bluetooth interface to enable you to control the audio system through control panel.

Customise Your Hot Spa

Hydro One Hot Spas allow you to choose from a full range of beautiful colour choices to suit your landscape, home, and personal tastes. Choose the spa shell acrylic colour, cabinet colour and hard cover colour you like and make your Hydro One Hot Spa the perfect expression of your style.

Colour preferences are part design sense and part instinct. An acrylic colour will inspire you. A cabinet colour will compliment your surroundings, plant life, structures and existing colour combinations.


Hydro One Hot Spa Models