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Hydro One Household Water Filter

Hydro One household water filter products have been long serving the Malaysian residence for their daily needs of clean & clear water since year 2004. Hydro One POE (Point-of- Entry) outdoor water filter and POU (Point-of- Usage) indoor drinking purifier product range are made of highest quality standard that eventually lead to a distinctive track record with its time proven & tested performance.

Hydro One H2O-series Membrane Water Filter
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Why Choose Hydro One Membrane Filter?
Hydro One Membrane Filter has been well proven in domestic and commercial application since its launch in 2004. The same product have been widely used in many challenging application including waste water recycling system where we recycle water water to non portable water usage. The product comes with 2 years guarantee and 10 years warranty on its fully stainless steel SS304 filter housing against leakage.
Time Proven & Tested Performance Since 2004

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Test Certificates by independent laboratory to verify the performance of Hydro One Membrane Filter in water-borne bacteria & water turbidity removal since 2004 is the most tangible prove of our presence & experience in the market.
Filtration To 0.01 Micron
Conventional water filtration systems generally achieve 10 micron filtration efficiency with granular sand or cartridge form of filter media. Hydro One H2O-series uses the most advanced filtration Ultra-Filtration (UF) Membrane technology that achieves up to 0.01 micron filtration efficiency, equivalent to particle size that is 1000 times finer than a hair strand. Filter your whole house’s water supply right at the point-of- entry from rust, mud, contaminants to be superbly clean and clear condition!
Removal Of Bacteria Up To 99.99%
Studies shows that not all micro-organism and bacteria can be sanitised from our water supplies with the usual treatment of Chlorination. To prevent expose yourself and your family under the threat of water-borne disease, Hydro One Membrane Water Filter is capable to remove all sediment & impurities that are in suspended particle form including water-borne bacteria such as E-Coli and Coliform up to 99.99%. This was proven by the E-Coli removal water quality test performed by SIRIM since year 2004.
Superb Quality Filtration Material
Among all the possible raw materials of polymer, such as PVC, PVDF, PS, PES, etc., we have carefully chosen the most suitable & practical formulation to produce our Hydro One H2O-series Membrane Water Filter. With our extensive product research and development, our membrane with up to max. 13,000 capillaries of hollow fiber membrane made of hydro-philic double wall PAN (Polyacrylonitrile) polymer will be most suitable to be applied in residential point-of- entry water filter application due to its high durability against chlorinated water and ease of cleaning & maintenance. As a result, Hydro One Membrane Water Filter is guaranteed to produce high flowrate, minimum water pressure drop against the contaminated municipal water supplies. The myth of possible filter clogging under finer filtration of 0.01 micron is now beyond your worries.
Automatic, User Friendly & Water Saving Flushing Maintenance
maintenance_auto-timer_and_watapHydro One Membrane Water Filter is self-maintained by performing an automated flushing via a battery operated Timer Controller that is genuinely imported from USA. The “cycle” and “duration” parameter of such automatic maintenance can be adjusted to suit user's water usage and water supply quality. Alternatively, user could also substitute the Timer Controller by using a manual water tap to flush the water filter as routine maintenance while using the discharged water for gardening purposes for being environmental friendly while maximise water saving.
Flexible Installation (Suitable For All Landed Property & Condominium / Apartment)
Installation of Hydro One Membrane Water Filter can be very flexible, either horizontally or vertically wall mounted. With its slim and sleek casing dimension and fully stainless SS304 casing, it is definitely ideal to be installed at outdoor condition, all kind of landed properties and even at condominium and apartments with space constraints issues.
Technical Specification

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WDB-series Sand Filter


Absolutely No Cartridge Replacement Cost
Using Fine Silica Sand (0.6-1.2mm grade) as filtration media ensuring long lasting filtration performance up to 10 micron removal with no cartridge replacement in long term.
Simple Backwash Mechanism
wdb-filterJust a turn at the 3-way Multiport Valve, user can operate the filter at Filter mode or perform the routine maintenance of Backwash, Rinsing mode to flush out all entrapped contaminants out from the water filter system.
High Withstanding Pressure
Made of one piece tank from food grade polymer of PE (Polyethylene) material that is safe for food & water contact and further reinforced with fiberglass composite filament wound finishing, Hydro One WDB-series water filter has great water pressure withstand with operating pressure up to 8 bar and entitle for 10 years leak-free warranty.
Technical Specification

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H2O Ultra-purification Drinking Filter System

Direct Drinkable And No Boiling Of Water
A point-of- usage drinking filter system that also achieves the most advanced 0.01 micron removal by Ultra-filtration Membrane Technology that at the same time equipped with 5 level cartridges for superfine filtration & removal of all harmful chemical, chlorine, odour, organic matter, turbidity and even water-borne bacteria. This makes direct drinking possible and complying to WHO Drinking Water Quality Standard.
No Electricity Required
No pump & electricity required to operate the system despite membrane technology is used. This is because Ultra-filtration is a low-pressure driven type of membrane without needing pressure tank and pump for permeation and filtration process.
Bring Back The Goodness of Your Drinking Water
Unlike conventional RO Membrane Water Filter System, H2O Ultra-purification Drinking Filter System will not remove the much needed minerals in our drinking water despite its fine filtration efficiency down to 0.01 micron.
Lowest Replacement Cost & User-friendly Maintenance
Routine maintenance is very user-friendly and backwash flushing at the Level 4 cartridge, H2O Membrane is possible. Performing it manually will extend the system life span while ensuring it always operate at the highest hygiene condition. Lifespan of the cartridges are in between 10 – 12 months. We guarantee you the LOWEST replacement cost of drinking filter cartridges with our service of replacing them for you by our technician at your doorstep.
Technical Specification

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