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Hydro One Household Water Filter

Hydro One household water filter products have been long serving the Malaysian residence for their daily needs of clean & clear water since year 2004. Hydro One POE (Point-of- Entry) outdoor water filter and POU (Point-of- Usage) indoor drinking purifier product range are made of highest quality standard that eventually lead to a distinctive track record with its time proven & tested performance.

Hydro One H2O-series Membrane Water Filter
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Why Choose Hydro One Membrane Filter?
Time Proven & Tested Performance Since 2004
Filtration To 0.01 Micron
Removal Of Bacteria Up To 99.99%
Superb Quality Filtration Material
Automatic, User Friendly & Water Saving Flushing Maintenance
Flexible Installation (Suitable For All Landed Property & Condominium / Apartment)
Technical Specification

WDB-series Sand Filter


Absolutely No Cartridge Replacement Cost
Simple Backwash Mechanism
High Withstanding Pressure
Technical Specification

H2O Ultra-purification Drinking Filter System

Direct Drinkable And No Boiling Of Water
No Electricity Required
Bring Back The Goodness of Your Drinking Water
Lowest Replacement Cost & User-friendly Maintenance
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