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Hydro One FiberPool

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The epitome of luxury and style is this : swimming, soaking and dipping in the comfort and privacy of your own swimming pool. Imagine resting and relaxing, playing with your family or hosting a fabulous poolside party.

Hydro One Fiberpool "Fun lasting memories made easy"

Do you know?

Fiberglass swimming pools are not new. They have been widely produced since the 1950’s and has been greatly preferred in Europe & Australia. The concept of fiberglass pools came from the revolution of the fiberglass boat industry.

A high quality fiberglass pool, boat and yachts, share a common manufacturing technique, using mainly the same fiberglass materials. Over the past decades, specialized materials have been formulated for permanent underwater use in boats and swimming pools, allowing pool owners to be free from the burden and expensive costs of resurfacing or relining of the pool surfaces.

How your Swimming Pool could be done in 5 days?


Most of the swimming pools are either built or assembled on site. However, Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool is manufactured in a one-piece structure without any joint and assembly on pool structure during installation. Any possibility of water leakage after years of operation is eliminated. The good news is... Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool structure comes with a 10 years warranty against leakage!
Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool could be fully installed at site and ready to operate within 5~7 days. Scope of works including excavation, soil compacting, deliver, cranage, unloading, positioning, M&E works and pool deck casting.
No more messy works and endless co-ordination with your sub-contractors...!

Why Hydro One Fiberpool is strong & durable?


Production of Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool will go through a series of stringent and state-of-the-art fabrication process on an one-piece mould. Raw material such as ISO-NPG grade gel coat is imported from CRAY VALLEY, Australia which is specially made for pool and leisure boat industries, absolute water proof ! The entire one-piece pool structure will go through a 3 layers of polishing and anti-scratch treatment to produce smooth, glossy & glittering surface finishes before delivery.

Why is Hydro One Fiberpool better than conventional pool construction method?


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Look for more enjoyment besides swimming? Let's personalized your own pool...!!


We offer more than just a swimming pool.
Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool also comes with Jacuzzi spa-seats that is already built-in in the pool as standard accessory (for model Bali, Ibiza, Maldives & Caribbean. Other model can be add-on upon request) for you to relax & rejuvenate yourself after a hard days night.

productionBesides, you can also choose to upgrade your pool further with our optional add-on features, e.g. Cross-Current Swim Jet, UV Ionizer, Jacuzzi Spa Seats, Pool Cover, etc.


Models & Range

Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool is available in 6 models with different design and sizes.

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Hydro One Fiberglass Swimming Pool features surface finishing that is polished smooth & glossy with UV resistant coating, non-abrasive and glittering effect that will harmonized with the landscape view of your dream house. It can be made from a wide range of colour scheme up to 40 choices. Custom-made pool shape design and size is also available for project requirement.

IF YOU ARE A HARDCORE SWIMMER, we have something to offer


Cross Current for healthy lifestyle. The cross current swimming machine is fully imported from Germany - Jetstream UWE, adjustable in speed with a press of button or a turn of a knob.

Most importantly, it is designed with asthetical value with flat surface and not the conventional bulky machine inside your pool. Yet it is powerful.



Jetstream Coco



Designed for swimmer. Capable of pumping up to 18 litres per second and adjustable with a twist of a knob, Jetstream Coco can turn any pool into a challenging workout, a robust massage or a gentle tickle.


Jetstream Triva



Uses innovative simulation technology to create an aquatic treadmill. It generates powerful flat current directly beneath the water surface. The flow rates of 75M3 to 225M3 and uniform flow assist in upper body training. The system is designed to ensure minimal surface turbulence, making it the ideal cross current system for sportive swimmer.


At Hydro One, we are all about providing the best product & services. Every unit of pool we made is tested before it is allowed to be delivered to your doorstep for installation.

Hydro One Fiberpool comes with a 10 years warranty on its pool structure against leakages.